The very first UBU ROI with Garry Van der Merwe, 1988/9.
Tara Fataar
TURQUOISE: (left to right) Ian Jeffries, Michael Ventura, Graham Barnes and Leah (Van Zyl) Illing.
Concert Fever1: (back row left to right) Steve Woodroffe, Jacki Cunniffe, Sean
Peterson, Martin Sigamoney, Joeseph Clarke, (centre row left to right) Tim Wells,
Karen Van Pletsen, Me, Nux Schwartz, Chris Letcher, Brandon Bunyon.(front row
left to right) Sabine Barber, Julian August, Louise Viljoen.
Raymond Heesen
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Presuming ed (FAULTY): Donny Seagreen and Brad Tomson.
Jon Pimenta.
FAULTY: Brad Tomson, Shanine Terblanche, Raymond Heesen (Drums).
FAULTY with Dale Musso.
TINJAM: Steve Peacock, Ettienne Moorcroft, Trevor Harper.
Anton Cawethorne - Blazeby
Front left to right: Garry Van Der Merwe, Karen Seid and Verna Jooste and Don Hastings.
Shanine Terblanche
the pianomen
Concert Fever 2
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Sun City Superbowl.