• Urban Creep:
  • Sea Level

  • The Tim Wells Band:                   
  • Fallen through the cracks
  • Elephant
  • East Coast Radio Christmas CD for Nelson
    Mandela Children's Fund

  • Faulty:                                              
  • Faulty
  • Music beats murder

  • Presuming ed:                                  
  • Presuming ed

  • sidetrackSi  
  • Iswodidis   
  • Lumpy custard

UBU-ROI (now Simon is an ongoing musical and artistic project started by myself, in 1987. I was exposed to
the wonders of anarchy and asceticism whilst researching my  National Higher Diploma dissertation on the similarities
between the Futurists and Mondrian. Here I  came across a play by Frenchman Alfred Jarrey called UBU ROI, after which I
named my production and promotions company.
After leaving Tech, I decided to play music professionally as it was easier to earn real money playing music as opposed to
I played  as a session bassist in many popular South African bands, shows and theatre productions. Urban Creep,  The Tim
Wells Band ,  
The Flames         
and  Faulty can all be heard on local South African, online radio and international radio stations.
I currently live in Swindon where I work as a chef.
In my spare time I focus mainly on producing paintings, psychedelic trance and ambient electronic based music. I have just released a
new album as SIDETRACKSI called ISWODIDIS, which is available on all international download sites.
I have had an exhibition in Tollcross in Edinburgh in 2009,and have had an exhibition in Glasgow in
December 2009. I also have my old works on exhibition at
 The Rhonda Schaller Gallery in New York.
I have just finished a successful exhibition at
AXOLOTL Gallery in Edinburgh, running through March 2011.

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My aim as an artist is to produce as much quality, experience based artworks as possible. I
loosely adhere to the principles of
Transpersonal Art. I believe that art is, in its archetypal form, a means for Man to transcend
the obvious and the physical,
manifesting the spiritual reality of the self. I believe that through the process of creating
my work, and the materials and
meditation employed, a transmutation of substance occurs. This process is a spiritual
journey, a process of cleansing and
healing that even though mostly misunderstood by myself, leaves me with a sense of
connection to the world around me, and a
general feeling of well being.
My creative process generally involves working on at least 4 to 5 artworks at one time, each
piece evolving and interacting with
each other. Often smaller individual pieces become incorporated into bigger pieces,
resulting in multi facets of meaning and
imagery. Some pieces evolve over many months, even years, the ageing and deterioration
of substances and materials
manifesting the creative process over time.
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