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  • Firstly, you need $1000.00 to blow. Think of this as just another trip to the casino, a weekend binge, or just
    plain affordable yet bent entertainment.

  • The skin at the end of the day will become just another commodity that can be traded, resold etc. But with a
    difference!. Like cloning, self assisted suicide, bareback sex with strangers, drinking tap water in a third
    world country, buying from a strange dealer, driving with bald tyres, streaking at a public beach, parking in
    a no parking zone, swearing at your mother in law, not going to church on Sunday, insider trading - it may be
    dangerous, immoral, stupid, unethical, a waste of cash, unscrupulous - or it may not...................!

  • Now you and I each know at least another 10 to 50 people who are equally bent enough to find this appealing.
    Why else would they know you anyway? Lets just say you buy one of the 1000 pieces and shortly, there are no
    more to buy. One of your friends has a friend of a friend who suddenly feels an intense desire to upgrade from
    his "pet rock"  to "a piece of skin". It is sad, but hey, remember you never thought that some dumb pebble you
    actually paid money for, would make some clever guy, very, very rich. Humans being the sheep that they are,
    feel the need to be part of a flock. Now all of a sudden, your $1000.00 " piece of skin" is now worth as much
    as the next sucker is prepared to pay, in order to ally all the peer pressure he is currently under to own
    some skin.

  • Now I think you get where I am going with this. If you own shares in Coca Cola for example, they don't send a
    truck round with a 1000 litres of coke when you cash them in. Right?

  • Then there is the real entertainment value that is attached: Think of how the Christians and the Muslims and
    assorted religious freaks (and they think we're odd), are going to jump up and down and throw splinters and
    bombs in our eyes for the log that is in theirs'. Just think about how many death  threats and hate mail we
    are going to receive from those  trying to save our souls  in the name of love. You can donate your skin to
    your country and have it blown into about 1000 pieces fighting the same above mentioned religious freaks, but
    it isn't right to sell it for actual money? You go to church and "drink of my blood and eat of my flesh" (if
    you are Catholic) but this whole " piece of skin" affair sounds a bit gory? Please! We are all adults here are
    we not? The skin is the largest organ in the whole body, but it is the only organ they do not ask you to
    donate in a hospital. It belongs to you, you can do what you want with it! OR CAN YOU?

  • Now the real debate starts, and things get really interesting, and soon it is going to get very ,very hot in
    this site! Then who is going to be a happy clapper when your " piece of skin" is now worth big cash? Whose
    going to call you a weirdo now?
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I am looking for 1000 interested buyers to virtually purchase 1000 available pieces of skin.

Yes it is fucked up, and that's exactly why it is so appealing!:
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